Transport pricing explained

Transportation generally makes up the largest portion of the cost of rock aggregate products. Rocks are heavy and hard on gear so transporting them is expensive.  Due to these factors, quarrying is a very regionalised industry with local quarries mainly serving the areas directly around them. 

As a rule of thumb, the further an aggregate product has to travel from its source, the more expensive it becomes (due directly to the cost of transport).

In and around the main centres of Aotearoa, New Zealand, there are usually only a handful of quarries. These are large operations that are for the most part owned by larger corporate businesses (although there a few private operators as well).

Local supply yards operate by buying in bulk from these quarries and re-selling products in smaller, more manageable volumes.

In the case of Iaggregates Ltd, we have developed our own unique online pricing tool which works out which source quarry is closest to a customer's address and then calculates the rate to deliver from the quarry to that address (note - not all quarries carry the same range of products so our tool will identity the nearest quarry carrying the product you have selected and will base the rate off that location). 

We then either use our own transport or network of subbies to carry out deliveries. 

Things to consider when placing your order - 

1. From the Iaggregates website, customers can order between 4 and 11 tonnes (customised quotes are provided for volumes outside of these values). Our online tool selects the correct truck size based on your order size and from there calculates the delivery rate.

2. We offer delivery by 5 tonne tipper, 6 wheeler (11 tonne capacity), and truck and trailer (usually 28 tonne capacity).

3. The cost of running a truck is the same whether it is carrying a full load or a partial load (e.g. it costs the same to run a 5tonne tipper whether it is carrying 1 tonne or 5 tonnes - in both cases the running costs are pretty much the same). Therefore, the average price per tonne of a product when calculated on a supply and delivery basis will be cheaper for a full load vs. a partial load - i.e. you get more product for the same cost of delivery.

4. Iaggregates Ltd splits out the cost of delivery as a separate line item. This is based on the rate from our online calculator to deliver from the nearest quarry to your address. 

Transport costs are always changing however we look forward to continually providing clients with the best options when delivering products to you.