Commonly asked questions - 

Q. How soon will I get my product after placing an order?

A - iaggregates will endeavor to fulfill orders as soon as we can but we know it can take up to 3 days depending on how busy we are. If you need a delivery urgently, let us know when placing your order and we'll see what we can do.

Q. Why do you sell in tonnes and not cubic meters? How can I convert from tonnes to cubic meters?

A - Our trucks go over weigh bridges which means the loads they carry are measured in tonnes. If you need to convert a measure in cubic meters simply multiply the cubic meter requirement by the conversion factor on the product page to give you tonnes. For example, if you need 4m3 of GAP65, multiply 4 by 1.54 (the conversion factor) which will give you 6.16 tonnes and place an order to the nearest whole tonne (*note - we only sell in whole tonnes). 

Q. Why is your minimum order 4 tonne?

A - At the moment, we utilise a fleet of 6 wheeler trucks that have a capacity of 11 tonne. To cart any less than 4 tonne wouldn't really be economical for customers and thats why we limit the orders to 4 tonnes.

Q. Will I pay a different rate for delivery if my order is 4 tonne or 11 tonne?

 A - Delivered rates are based on the cost to get a truck to your location. The delivered rate will be the same whether you order 4 tonne or 11 tonne. The more your order, the cheaper it actually works out per tonne.

Q. Why can I only order one product at a time?

A - Trucks can only carry one type of product per delivery. If need difference products, a separate truck is need. Because of this, you'll need to make a separate order.

Q. I live outside of Auckland, how come I can't order product?

A - We are currently expanding and coming to your region soon!

Q. If I've ordered the wrong product, can I change my order or get a refund?

A - As long as the product has not been delivered to your site, we can work with you to change your order or offer you a refund. After delivery, no refunds can be offered.